Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fictional Story

He sat there silently, impatient but with no option left other than staying calm. He looked longingly at the end of the eachey which opened up to the streets. His hands elfish something sticky as he tried to rest them on the ground but he couldnt care less, he had untold important things to take care of. He felt weak, rightfully weak. Just when he was tired of wondering if anyone would ever fix around, he saw a figure block descend on the light coming from the streets through the alley entrance. The check was in conclusion over. A middle aged hu troopsness with a pocketbook of groceries in one hand and a briefcase in other slowly walked towards his home as he spy a young son with a disdainful manifestation on his face sitting at the corner of the glum alley. To his surp travel, with a sudden let pop bulgeburst of energy the son jumped up and ran up to him, blocking his way as he took out a knife from somewhere he had been hiding privileged his clothes. Terrif ied, the man reflexively took a step back and dropped both the things he had been carrying. He was too scared to try making an make do because he knew exactly what the story of the boy could be. Even in the first place the boy had to utter a word, he started handing over his wallet, wrist-watch and ring to him. To this the boy seemed noticeably relieved, as if he had been nervous all along. However, that couldnt choke off the sinister look on the teenagers face. As shortly as he had them in his possession, the young boy congeal his knife back in place and sped away, seem pleased. The man stood there for minutes, not moving at all. He fancy to himself How am I ever going to gain that much of money for my medicines before I run out of the contribute?, and as he did, he let out a long sigh which would perhaps have meant secret code to that fast-growing(a) boy. The wallet contained more money than he had expected, or required. He couldnt believe he got so lucky with the mu gging. at last he felt like he could breat! he. It was suffocating to strip without the heroin injection. He had...If you want to get a rise essay, order it on our website:

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