Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Database Design

(a) Identify the master(prenominal) entities of the DVD rental corporation. (5 marks) Entity recognise: come apart reference Attributes: Attributes| causa| Size | Branch_No| Int| 4| Street| text edition| 50??
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| City| textbook| 20| State| text| 20| Postcode| school text| 4| Phone| schoolbook| 12| Entity name: Staff Attributes: Attributes| token| Size | Staff_ID| Int| 4| public figure| text edition| 20| Position| text| 10| Salary| topic| 5| Entity name: DVD Attributes: Attributes| Type| Size | Catalogue_NO| Int| 8| DVD_NO| Int| 8| surname| text edition| 20| Category| Text| 20| Daily Rental| silver| 10| Cost| Money| 10| Status| Text| 10| Name_of_the main actors| Text| 60| Director| Text| 20| Entity name: segment Attributes: Attributes| Type| Size | Member_NO| Int| 8| Local Branch| Int| 4| maiden Name| Text| 20| finishing Name| Text| 20| Address| Text| 50| insure| assignment| 15| Entity name: Rental Attributes: Attributes| Type| Size | Rental_NO| Int| 8| Member commencement Name| Text| 20| Member Last Name| Text| 20| DVD_NO| Int| 8| DVD Title| Text| 20| Daily Rental| Money| 10| Date_Out| Date| 15| Date_Reture| Date| 15| There ar quint entities which are Branch Address, Staff, DVD, Member and Rental (b) Identify the main phratryds between the entities described in (a) and represent each kin as an ER diagram. (5 marks) (c) Determine the multiplicity constraints for each descent described in (b). Represent the multiplicity for each family relationship in the ER diagrams created in (b). (5 marks) (d)! Identify attributes and associate them with entity or relationships. Represent each attribute in the ER diagrams created in (c). (5 marks) (e) Determine candidate and primary key attributes for each (strong) entity. (5 marks) (f) subprogram your answers (a) to (e) attempt to represent the data requirements of the DVD rental corporation as a single ER...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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