Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who Killed Benny Paret ? By Norman Cousins

Benny P art s Real KillersNo one can deny that exasperation has become a pervasive part of the American living . Violence is everywhere . It is delivered right at home unblemished cable tv . It is considered a realize of entertainment and deal of Americans consume their dose of delirium done the news and with their patronage of prizefighting brags such as wadding and wrestling therefore , violence is as much part of the social prettify of rich and poor alike , through their promotion and battle in deadly sporting activities some(prenominal) inside and exterior the ringIn the testify Who Killed Benny Paret Norman Cousins delivers a stinging reassessment of auberge s complicity with the violence and dying caused by the immense popularity of prizefighting as a sport . The author notes that the observations of r enowned packing performer mike Jacobs closely the consumers of prizefighting are in fact authentic and certain . People do not line up at boxing and wrestling matches because these sports teach value about heroism or stamina . People go to expect boxing and wrestling bouts because of a more guttural subscribe to to adjoin 2 human beings trading punches that could kill them both . The tragic death of Benny Paret is provided one check of the culture of violence that pervades America and the rest of the worldA young backpacker , Benny Paret went into a coma and never woke out of it after(prenominal) receiving too many punches on his head which caused severe head teacher hemmorhage . The g overnment and the boxing authorities , alarmed by the outcome , launched an investistigation to determine tariff for Paret s death . This probe involved a probe into the culpableness of the fight referree , Paret s manager , and Paret s physical school in causation his early demi se . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
However , as Cousins argues , the investigation glossed over the real perpetrators of Paret s death : the brutality of the sport itself which exposes its players to the risks of being wound or killed in the ringOne cannot help but emphatize with Cousins despairing nuance regarding the futility of the investigations on Paret s death . The outcome of the investigation itself has already been precluded by the fact that Paret s death is only a sign of a complex , and pervasive social riddle wherein the existence of prizefighting as a form of sport itself is super questionable . In this sense , investigating and trying to bulk the blame on the arbitrato r for his perceived negligence is not only raw , it also worsens the problem . As Cousins justifiedly points out , the referee himself is compelled to perform his duties and responsibilities based on gathering expectations . That is , the referee cannot trespass into the heat of the boxing match because two men are hurting each other : that is what the force pays for to watch in the first placeClearly , a more precise probe into Paret s death should look at the normative values and social standards that bear on the existence of boxing and other forms of prizefighting as a form of entertainment...If you want to get a liberal essay, order it on our website:

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