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p The term is used to define the religious and cultural aspects of a Christian denomination of the Latter solar day canonise movement . The term also comes from the regarding those who follow the take for of Mormon , which along with The Holy Bible , serves as a study aspect to the sacrament of the Eucharist for the Latter daylight Saints . With more than 12 .5 million Mormons in the world , with or so residing in Latin America , and in the United States , in Utah , The Mormons subject a sizable amount of ferment and money in the countries in where they resideThe Mormon Church was started by Joseph Smith when he said that a vision of dickens angels came upon him in 1820 . The angels told him that a bleak church building would be needed to be make but that for him to do cryptograph until he heard from them once a foreg ather . fit in to Smith and his close associate Oliver Cowdery , an angel gave them both the indorsement to baptize and to build a new church by restoring Christianity to its original form Markum , Lucas . The Religions of the World . New York : harper collins 1998 ..24The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints , which was in the beginning called the Church of Christ , seek to form a new solution in the county . Their first attempt was in capital of Mississippi county Missouri but when a scandal arose concerning the misdirection of its currency , had trouble finding a permanent settlement . This was make even more difficult by the event of the barrier of the Mormons to find any area that would willingly undertake them . The Mormons , disdain regarding themselves as a branch of Christianity , were regarded by the Christian volume as being a cult and international of the church .

Their practices in plural jointure as hygienic as accepting up to six books in their liturgy which was viewed with live authority to The Bible , made them difficult to gain betrothal After the Mormon Wars of 1838 , the Mormons moved to Illinois , only to extend their problem in being accepted by the township except , their time in Illinois was short lived and monopolized by a argumentative relationship with the townspeople of that area . Smith and his blood companion Hyrum were arrested for their stance on plural wedding and taken to Cathage , Illinois . It would be there that both of them would be killed as they tried to spell from an angry mob when had learned of their presence there , desire to kill Joseph Smith . After the d eath of Joseph Smith , Brigham youthful became his successor and continued the practice of plural marriage . The Mormon Church eventually banned the practice in 1890 when the US government made it against the law However , there allay remains offshoots of the religion which still practice plural marriage or polygamy is in conflict with Christianity on many levels . As Christians believe that the scriptural canon is closed and has been closed since the Council of Nicea in 313 AD , Mormons believe that Joseph Smith and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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