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The mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish[1] (Coryphaena hippurus) is a surface-dwelling ray-finned fish form in off-shore temperate, tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. It is one of only 2 members of the Coryphaenidae family, the otherwise being the pompano dolphinfish. It is too known as the dolphin,[2][3] which causes confusion with the more widely-known marine mammals call(a)ed dolphins. Mahi-mahi means very in effect(p) in Hawaiian. In other languages the fish is known as lampuga, lampuka, rakingo, calitos, maverikos or dorado. Mahi-mahi live 4 to 5 years. Catches average 7 to 13 kilograms (15 to 29 lb). They seldom exceed 15 kilograms (33 lb), and mahi-mahi all over 18 kilograms (40 lb) be exceptional. Mahi-mahi have compressed bodies and pertinacious abaxial fins extending nearly the entire length of their bodies. Their caudal fins and anal retentive fins ar sharply concave. They are distinguished by conspicuous color in: golden on the sides, and bright color a nd greens on the sides and back. Mature males have prominent foreheads jut well supra the body proper. Females have a locomote head. Females are in addition usually smaller than males. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
start of the water, the fish often counterchange color among several hues (giving nip and tuck to their Spanish name, dorado maverikos, golden insurrectionist), finally fading to a muted yellow-grey upon death. Mahi-mahi are among the fastest-growing fish. They mother in warm oceanic currents throughout much of the year, and their unseasoned are commonly found in seaweed. Mahi-mahi are carnivorous, ply on flying fish, crab s, squid, mackerel, and other forage fish. T! hey have also been known to eat zooplankton and crustaceans. Males and females are sexually mature in their first year, usually by 4-5 months old. Spawning can occur at body lengths of 20 cm. Females whitethorn spawn two to deuce-ace times per year, and produce among 80,000 and 1,000,000 eggs per event.If you want to stay a full essay, order it on our website:

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