Tuesday, December 10, 2013

English Words

Word| Parts of Speech| Synonym| Antonym| real Sentence| 1. Abduct| v.| To take| Release| They abducted when they were both children| 2. monomania| n.| Injury| Healed| There was several aberrations in the elevator car wreck| 3. Abet| v.| Provoke| Frustrate| The toilet scotch stuck up his nose was to abate the bleeding.| 4. Abeyance| v.| Waiting| assemble| Chairman asked whether this matter could be held in abeyance for the time being, Council agreed.| 5. Abject| Adj.| Rejected| Worthy| He looked at her with an lamentable expression on his face.| 6. Absolve| Adj.| Clear| Punish| He was absolve from mortal sins.| 7. Abstinence| Adj| Pure| Intoxication| The poll hat form of birth control is abstinence.| 8. Abstraction| n.| dousing| conjuring| To him hunger was an abstract concept.| 9. Acclimate| v.| Prepare| perturbation| The students had to acclimatise for the test.| 10. Accrue| v.| Collect| Lose| I manage to fall coins.| 11. Acrimonious| Adj.| Angry| Kindly| Some community moderate me acrimonious.| 12. Acumen| n.| Grasp| Ignorance| The situation is hard to acumen.| 13. adamant| Adj.| unwavering| Flexible| The man had a adamant grip.| 14. partisan| n.| Clingy| light-headed| His girlfriend is too adherent.| 15.
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chide| v.| Notice| adore| Admonish how people express themselves.| 16. Adroit| Adj.| Skillful| inapt| He is a rattling adroit welder.| 17. Advent| n.| arrival| conflict| I am waiting for his advent impatiently.| 18. artistic| Adj.| beau tiful| Ugly| The flowers where aesthetic.| ! 19. Affidavit| n.| Testimony| Refusal| You pauperism to do a true affidavit to the judge.| 20. Affiliate| n.| Unite| withdraw| We need to affiliate with other countries.| 21. Affinity| n.| Attraction| hate| I dislike smokers.| 22. Affluent| Adj.| Rich| Poor| The reinstate is very affluent.| 23....If you want to get a full essay, evidence it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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