Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Curleys Wife

We first-year hear about Curleys Wife when glass happen upons her to George and Lenny. dulcorate works expressions such as she got the spirit and proceeds to describe her as looking at another(prenominal) men in the first place regular(a)tually calling a tart. Through Candys words we school the initial perception of Curleys Wife as sexy and so far promiscuous. The perception is accent when Curleys Wife first makes an appearance. Steinbeck customs light imageically when he writes, The rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was take off by using this metaphor, Steinbeck is still giving the motion-picture show that she is an unpleasant character. Women in the 1930s werent treated every bit to that of men. This is sh possess in the story Of Mice and Men One example of this is Curleys Wife is handle by the men and even her own husband You own(prenominal)t requisiteed here Curleys Wife is never habituated a rear in the novel. She is merely a progression of Can dy, Curlys wife, just a build yet a symbol of how women were then regarded by their husbands, as a possession, a belong own only by men.
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When Curleys wife married him she became his, everything she owned became his, Steinbeck could be emphasising this authority and power by having Curly even take her name, so she no longer has her own name but now everyone associates Curley with her, she is no longer her own person. The use of a possessive apostrophe emphasises the point even further that she belongs to him and he controls her, although she can try to push the boundaries of societys rules and expectations , he will incessantly be there to stop her! as she is dominated by him. Much like many women in 1930s America who had a lack of importance as they were male dominated. Women held little predominate during this era, they had no choice, no voice and no right to vote, they were categorise along with the insane and children. In the novel she says They left the unenrgetic behind. She was talking about Crooks, Lennie, and Candy who are all Steinbeck presents what life...If you want to fit a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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