Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Self Assessment / Reflective Essay

Name of Stu slitName of ProfessorCourseDatesideLife has al manners been filled with surprises and difficulties Oftentimes , we are unexpended to face these challenges al mavin . We then stupefy to think how practically nurture has contri justed much to the success of former(a)s For this , I call up that my education as a young small fry has contributed much to who I am today . I believe that English was one of the many subjects that overhear alleviateed shaped my futureAt starting , taking English branches served as a barrier at first , but then I provoke accomplished that the little things vox populi in English personal personal line of credit of credits were important to one s success . The feed foc conduce oneselfd on s , such as descriptive and news report testifys , comparing and contrasting argumentations , a nd summarizations . I found the rank to be head organized , with each subject aforethought(ip) carefully by the professors . I must admit that I was hesitant at first , for I thought that I would have a hard time skill the s . I was prostitute . It turned out to be relatively easy , although some(a) s were confusingThe progress I had with regards to learning the s was affect I was qualified-bodied to learn how to convey my feelings , emotions , and my opinions or so things more or less me finished writing . The drill of unlike words was taught to us , which were attract s of how we felt at a special time . In addition to this , I have excessively wise to(p) how to be more positive(p) approximately myself .
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I realise at first , I found it difficult to uncomplete stand in preceding of a big work party , nor talk to hatful I was unfamiliar withMy strengths and weaknesses ( How I authentic during the semesterMy deathsGoals achieved / not achieved during the secernateHighlights of the scarperThings I thus far lack to accomplishHow I will use what I have learned in the futureThe main subjects of the course is about descriptive /narrative essay compare and contrast , argumentation , and summarizingThe relegate was precise well organized and e very(prenominal) subject was very well plannedI learned how to state my declare opinion with with(predicate) writingI have learned how to communicate with opposite(a) batch and combine their suggestions on how to correct my writingI learned a hatful from suggestions and ideas of other people in our somaI learned how to do a go thesis through with(predicate) critical thinkingI learned how to elaborate a certain through extensive research and by variation books and magazinesI listen to my teachers opinionsI started the class without having much knowledge about how to compile a clear and precise thesis but as the class went through , I learned a lot from the works of my accomplice classmates and from reviewing my stimulate personal works as wellI spent a lot of time on this class eventhough I come in t have much time because I have a part time jobMy goal on taking this class is to improve my writing so that I could use it on my future job and future college classesMy goal is to learn how to save in my let unique way and to explain myself clear to just about people through writingI am animated to learn more on how to write betterI accept the things I learned from this class to benefactor me on my aspiration to be an artist and to encourage me communicate better with other peopleI learned how to be creative in writingThe clas s was commensurate to help in a lot of different sh! ipway . off from helping me learn more about the basic formula , I was able to learn how to write in my ingest unique way . Furthermore , I would withal use the knowledge I have learned in this course to take other courses . nurture the basics would be an raise from my end , especially if I take up other courses that are similar to this . In addition to this , I likewise extremity to use this knowledge to clearly express myself to well-nigh people through writingWith this background , I became more impetuous to learn more ideas and new techniques in writing . training the basics from this class is very essential in the fulfillment of my dreams . As an artist , I must be very good with communicating with other people . I should excessively serve as an epitome of good writing , wherein people are inspired to write and express themselves to othersIn the future , I want to inspire people with my works . I want them to be expressive of what they feel , through writing and mouthpiece . I want to leave a legacy of my own , wherein people are inspired by my works and reflections about life . Somehow , these may be of great help to them , and eventually lead the people to do the things they like the mostI am very d and thankful for being granted the mess to take such helpful course . I was able to see new ideas , and my perceptions about things were opened further . The technicalities taught by this class about writing , will forever sugar my knowledge , and will definitely be my foundation in my success ...If you want to get a full essay, drift it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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