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Understanding Ab usual BehaviorsOne of the biggest questions in psychology is defining what demeanors argon kinky and normal . For centuries , different cultures from different era seduce been trying to define what kinds of look are considered freakish . at that place are many factors to consider in considering a behavior abnormal . There is the cultural relativism in which the norms of ordering are used to determine if a behavior is normal or abnormal (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 . There is as well as the discomfort monetary standard in which any behavior that if an individual finds hurting coffin nail be considered as abnormal (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 . The unusualness criterion suggests that behaviors which are non unremarkably seen or rarely seen are labeled abnormal (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 . The stand up criterion in cons idering a behavior abnormal is the cordial illness criterion (Nolen-Hoeksema 2006 . It states that any behavior caused by a psychic illness should be considered abnormal . Psychologists and mental health practiti unitaryrs suggest that behaviors that disrupts a soul to function well in his daily routine and life that also caused him to take in hurt is considered as abnormal behaviors (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 psychoneurotic compulsory dis or OCD in pathetic is one of the most elicit mental diss . What makes it actually interesting is how it sometimes considered only when a trait of a mortal . People who have OCD are seemed to be precise routinely and follow authoritative mannerisms . Some of us readiness have seen people with a slight OCD but we sometimes overlook at the dis since not all cases of OCD have direful effects or behaviors . The symptoms of OCD relies on a person s irresistible impulse or destiny and he or she recognizes it as high-spirited or senseless (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 . Symptoms usually di! ffer from different cultures come along and fire . In general , recurrent thoughts , impulses or images that one considers malapropos and causes distress in one symptom of OCD (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
A person has thoughts , impulses or actions used to suppress or ravage other thought are another symptom (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 . Obsessive thoughts , impulses or images that are recognized by the person as a product of his own mind and gives him distress (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 . A person has repetitive behaviors or mental acts that the person feels he moldiness perform in accordance to a ad hoc chemical formula and must be applied rigidly (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 Behaviors or mental acts in which the person uses to neutralize the distress or trouble he feels but the behavior or mental acts does not have any connection or relevance to the distress (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 Treatments used to treat OCD are biological and cognitive behavioral treatments . Biological treatments use serotonin enhancing drugs Examples of brands are fluoxetine and paroxetime . Studies shown that serotonin levels plays a big role in OCD patients (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2006 cognitive behavioral treatments which include actual therapy with a psychologist are seen to be effective also in helping repossess OCD . An physical exercise of cognitive behavioral treatment is systemic desensitization . A person who has OCD is exposed to some of their fears and slowly helps them to character it lowly by...If you want to get a full essay, regulate it on our website:

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