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These are study notes for United States History. They can be used to study for final exams. These notes contain information on The Colonial period through Union times.

Ch 1 & 2 Review 1. Reformation- Religious sweat in the 16th century Europe, reform the catholic church service. 2. joint course comp some(prenominal)- Business in which investors pool their wealth for a roughhewn purpose. 3. Jamestown- First colony established by John Smith. 4. articled servants-People that came to the new world in supersede of the passage, they agreed to a limited term of servitude. 5. House of Burgesses- Virginias colonial forkislature. 6. Pilgrims- Group of mountain that fled from Holland and built the Plym come to the foreh plantation. 7. prudes- A religious company that felt that the church had kept too such(prenominal) of the Catholic rite and tradition. 8. mummy Bay Colony- Colony established around the mama Bay. 9. Mercantilism- he theory in which a nation could extend its wealth and power in two ways; obtaining as much gold and silver possible, and establishing a balance of trade. 10. navigation Acts-A serial publication of laws made by Parliament to check off trade in the colonies. 11. cash crops- Growing single crops for sale. 12. three-sided trade- The Transatlantic business network used to trade slaves. 13. tenderness passage- The middle leg of the trade triangle. 14. Enlightenment- Period in European history which philosophers emphasize reason and scientific method. 15. massive Awakening-The revival meeting and restoring of the early Puritan church. 1. French & Indian fight- War between Great Britain and France for control of North America. 2. Treaty of genus Paris of 1763- Confirmed U.S. independency and set the boundaries of the new nation. 3. Pontiacs Rebellion- Combined vindication of the British army. 4. proclamation of 1763- A proclamation Line along the Appalachians. 5. Sugar Act- on the dotness to stop the smuggling of goods to the colonies. 6.
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Vice-Admiralty Courts- Navy captains were the jury, sample on his ship. 7. shape Act- Tax passed that levied on goods and services. Great story guide. Im not sure if we contrive the same book provided a lot of this data is just good to know. just curious. are u in AP/honors or a unfaltering class You should be a little sting more(prenominal) specific in your notes. what grade did u lay out on ur final exam 12. Jacksonian Democracy- The central political philosophy of Andrew Jackson. mention his philosophy. is he pro states or magnetic north is there any prob. w/him and the constitution how does he enforce the veto If you want to get a full essay, govern it on our website:

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