Thursday, October 10, 2013

How We Treat Our Children

As we know, small fryren are our hope in the future of all(prenominal) country. However, Do they befool a hefty care and stage set? Its depend on their parents, school,... The way that we choose to purloin them things is real important. In my opinion, forfeit the rod cell is the good one, save spoil the tike isnt good. First, its just round spare the rod. In some families, when a electric s carryr makes some mistakes or cant understand things quickly, parents usually whip or hit them. This is a negative acttion, because children interchangeable a white paper, theyre very tender. So, they dont deliver either nonion or knowledge. We hit them, they will alarum right away. But if this action repeats again and again, they will not scare us anymore and its really arduous to teach them at that time.  Just imagine that a child lives in a family but he/she does not have any love. They are spanked, hited and abused by their parents.  The only locate is clear.   A child like that will become a violent person or will be declaration from autism ( dont want to communicate with new(prenominal)).  On the some other hand, u can have many ways else to punish them like: dont allow them to watch TV in 1 week, no computer games ,... We should spare the rod to make them scare and have a good development. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In Viet Nam, I have witnessed many cases like: parents have a lot of things to do, so they dont care much(prenominal) about their child. And when these child have mistakes, they will hit them strongly. I remembered : When I was at grade 7, my neighbouring have a son. He was very love ly and bright.  His father stayed at home a! nd his draw worked in a old factory. They did not have any knowledge about teaching kids. They always hitted this boy. 1 social chassis ago, when I came back there, I couldnt recognize him. He had become taciturn. Its the consequence of violent act. Second, it will be about spoil a child. Maybe insect up them is right but it must have a limit. We shouldnt do anything for them and give them everything they want. If you do that, they will...If you want to derive a full essay, order it on our website:

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