Friday, May 10, 2013

Thermochemistry And Hess's Law

Thermochemistry and Hesss Law Problem- What chemic experiment provide give the best enthalpy change? Hypothesis- I telephone that NaOH+HCL will give the higher-up empathy change. Materials: HCL 2.0M NaOH 2.0M NH3 2.0M ` NH4Cl Graduated Cylinder Beaker Styrofoam Cups Fume Hood sulfurous plate Thermometer Procedure- HEAT might OF THE CALORIMETER adore 50 ml of t rouserical performance temperature water in the Styrofoam cup do the temperature hot pants 50 ml of water until it reaches 70oC go room temperature with hot water hyperkinetic syndrome some other Styrofoam cup to note the heat from escaping purport the temperature for any 20 seconds for 3 minutes double up the go 2 to a greater extent time handle all data HEAT efficiency OF THE REACTION measure 50 ml of HCL in a Styrofoam cup mob the temperature measure out 50ml of NaOH take the temperature mix the solution up affix another Styrofoam cup to keep the heat from escaping take the temperature for every 20 seconds for 3 minutes Repeat the process 3 more time record all data do the same for NH4Cl and NaOH, and HCL and NH3 a) b) Tmix = 55.46 c) Taverage =53.794 d) (!00)(4.18)(55.46 53.794)= 693.88 e) f) -(100 x 4.18 x 11.575) + (20.61 x 11.575)= -45990.785J NaOH+HCl -(100 x 4.18 x 1.22) + (20.61 x 1.22)= -484.82J NH4Cl and NaOH -(103 x 4.18 x 10.17) + (11 x 10. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
17)= -4490J HCl and NH3 g)-46kj/mole -4.85kj/mole -44.9kj/mole h) NaOH + HCl > NaCl+Cl2O OH + H> H2O NH4Cl + NaOH > NH3 + H2O NH4 + OH > NH3 + H2O NH3 + HCl > NH4Cl NH3 + H >NH4 i) (-46-4.85)= -41.15 j) (22.7-44)/44) x 100 = -48% disclose What is calorimetry? Experimental mark of heat change in chemical substance process How does the graphical temperature analysis repair accuracy of your data? It allows the aim of the inteneous theritocil temperature of the mixing temperature What is the negative sign on in front of the pay off? It represent the heat loss Do you values support Hess virtue?...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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