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Explain What Augmented Reality Is And Give Examples Of Its Use. What Barriers Must Be Overcome Before Augmented Reality Becomes An Everyday Aspect Of Working Life And Leisure? If These Barriers Can Be Overcome Explain What Benefits Augmented Reality Could

Augmented Reality[Name][Institution][Instructor][Course]Augmented RealityIntroductionAugmented Reality (AR ) is a situation where accepted objects nuclear number 18 outgrowth by adding historicalistic(prenominal) elements . It is relate to the more ordinarily cognise Virtual Reality (VR , in which everything is synthesized . The Webopedia defines in truthistic(prenominal) candor as An artificial surround created with data processor hardw ar and softwargon harvest and presented to the user in such a way that it appears and feels evaluate a tangible environment [1] Milgram and Kishino [2] defined a continuum relating summation verity and virtual realism under the umbrella of conf apply Reality (MR , which is shown in bod 1 . This structure categorizes applications by their degree of virtual and real elements , with no synthesized elements at mavin extreme and no real elements at the other . Our timber into focuses on increase naturalism , which is near the real cloture of the spectrum , introducing a few virtual items to objects tracked in a real environment This is a rapidly expanding sector that uses around(prenominal) reckoner vision and computer graphics to achieve an syner developic answer that seamlessly mixes real and virtual elementsFigure 1 : Milgram s virtuality continuum . Adapted from Milgram and KishinoThe biggest ch all in allenges for augment graciouss are speed and accuracy Speed is infallible for an interactional environment , requiring influenceing design pass judgment of at least 10 Hz , and preferably closer to impression input judge of 25 to 30 Hz . some video bring in algorithms either run in visual sense manner , which uses learning round all the frames when processing each(prenominal) frame , or they require seconds or proceeding to process each frame . While good results are achieved , these algorithms are unsuitable for increase naturalism . Fast algorithms that do non require future frames are needed for interactive applications such as augmented reality . Tracking accuracy is necessary to maintain the illusion that virtual objects are to real objects . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The human eye is sensitive to coitus motion between objects , and errors or noise in the strength of virtual objects will be apparent to the observer . The noble standards imposed by these ii challenges make augmented reality applications difficult to do dense . [3]To meet these challenges , many augmented reality systems use replace environments or additional computer hardware to create realistic results compassionate deary lit jet-propelled plane screens are often utilise to cite where to substitute virtual elements . Tracking devices whitethorn be apply to pinpoint the reparation and orientation of real objects . Markers may be applied to real objects to make them easier to track . intimacy about the environment may be collected advance(prenominal) , in the form of 3D models or locations of static objects . octuple television cameras may be used to get depth information or to deal with occlusions in a single camera work out . [4]Current AR ApplicationsMany examples of augmented reality outlive today . In some cases , they are so considerably accepted that many populate don t realize that they are artificial . The ideal augmented reality system should be one in which the virtual elements are indistinguishable from the real elements , and cannot be determine without exterior knowledge of...If you want to get a full essay, hallow it on our website:

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